Starting with Oils


If you’ve been interested in essential oils and want to partner with a wonderful team, CLICK HERE to order your starter kit. Make sure you have member number 3464759 filled in on both “sponsor ID” and “enroller ID”. You’ll sign up as a Wholesale Member – that’s what gets you such a great deal (and no, there’s no commitment to sell or order on any kind of schedule)!

You’ll have your choice of diffuser and you’ll get 11 amazing oils, lots of samples, a welcome package from yours truly and you’ll have the option to join our private wellness community online, The Oil Drop Society. We educate and share, build friendships and healthy lives and we support each other. We are so excited you are considering choosing Young Living and we want you to enjoy your oils!


Ordering a starter kit only means you get top notch oils at a fabulous discount – you don’t have to sell, you don’t have to join the monthly customizable box (though, seriously, it’s an amazing deal and not creepy like some other monthly subscriptions out there). Once you order that kit, you’ll be able to order all your oils, supplements and products at a 24% discount whenever you want! If you choose to also sell oils and either earn an income or just support your oily habit, I’d be happy to talk to you about doing so. Our team is very supportive with empowering women and mentoring them through the process.

Let’s get you started!