Spring Blooms

One of my favorite things about living in our little corner of the world is the discovery of new blooms each day during Spring. It is so neat to watch nature unfold before your eyes! The trees are beginning to leaf, our grass is growing longer and greener before our eyes, the birds and squirrels are so active and best of all, our little slice of heaven has color all over from flowers and buds blooming.

Around our property we have dogwoods finishing blooming, amaryllis in full bloom, our pear tree has a few flowers beginning and my favorite English Violets are popping up everywhere. The previous home owner was British and it was such a lovely surprise to see these violets our first spring here. It reminds me of my British side and my mom loves to see the violets when she comes over as well.

This morning we sat on the back porch with our hot tea and coffee, dogs at our feet, listening to the birds chirp and watching the squirrels run up and down the trees. We quickly realized the same female cardinal kept hanging around and then discovered she was building a nest in the large shrub outside the back door. We watched her bring leaves, bark and pine straw to her nest; then watched as she hopped around and made everything ‘just so’. Her tawny brown feathers a sharp contrast to her orange beak and red head, my husband declared her even more beautiful than her bright red suitor. And I had to agree! It was so lovely watching her prepare her nest. Can’t wait to see eggs and then later baby birds.

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