Creative and Sticky

For the past week or so I’ve been caught up in working a lot at 3 Dogs, taking care of our foster dog Annie (more on that later!) and doing just day to day stuff that has to get done but isn’t particularly fun or exciting. This morning I took off from all my other duties to be creative!

I finished up a custom order for my friend Sheila (this stuff is going to look amazing in her oily cabinet at home!) and worked on a few Etsy orders that came in this week. There’s something really enjoyable about packing up orders with care, writing a note to include in their package and finishing off the box with my newly arrived stickers and business cards. It helps feed my creative soul!


I also had some time today to make these fun rollers to put up in the Etsy shop. I love the idea of making these magical essential oil blends that just make you feel special like a unicorn! They would be such fun gifts for someone, whether they are brand new to oils or a seasoned oil user.


I spent a good portion of my morning “weeding” a bunch of labels I had made last week but hadn’t taken the time to finish. For those who have never heard of the term, weeding is where you remove the excess vinyl from the words or image you’ve cut. When you’re in a time crunch, it can be frustrating and seems like it takes FOREVER. But when you’re taking your time, it really can be therapeutic and gives me the opportunity to zone out a little while still working. Now, everything around me gets super sticky and I keep finding tiny pieces of vinyl everywhere but I guess that comes with the territory 😉

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