Spring Blooms

One of my favorite things about living in our little corner of the world is the discovery of new blooms each day during Spring. It is so neat to watch nature unfold before your eyes! The trees are beginning to leaf, our grass is growing longer and greener before our eyes, the birds and squirrels are so active and best of all, our little slice of heaven has color all over from flowers and buds blooming.

Around our property we have dogwoods finishing blooming, amaryllis in full bloom, our pear tree has a few flowers beginning and my favorite English Violets are popping up everywhere. The previous home owner was British and it was such a lovely surprise to see these violets our first spring here. It reminds me of my British side and my mom loves to see the violets when she comes over as well.

This morning we sat on the back porch with our hot tea and coffee, dogs at our feet, listening to the birds chirp and watching the squirrels run up and down the trees. We quickly realized the same female cardinal kept hanging around and then discovered she was building a nest in the large shrub outside the back door. We watched her bring leaves, bark and pine straw to her nest; then watched as she hopped around and made everything ‘just so’. Her tawny brown feathers a sharp contrast to her orange beak and red head, my husband declared her even more beautiful than her bright red suitor. And I had to agree! It was so lovely watching her prepare her nest. Can’t wait to see eggs and then later baby birds.

Live Simply

laundry day

Not much beats a beautiful day like today. Sun shining, cool breeze blowing and a day at home. We started our morning off just right with a nice long walk in the pasture with the dogs. They loved running and sniffing the treasures left behind by whomever bedded down last night. Next up was laundry and house chores. The smell of sunshine on line dried linens is hard to top! We finished up our day with a homecooked meal. I love our simple yet full life!

A Fallen Hero


Friends, we have some heartbreaking news to share. Those of you who have shopped with us at 3 Dogs & a Chick for several years will know that Shelly Becker worked here prior to making a military move and not only was she a wonderful, caring employee but she was also a great friend to us. Tuesday night, Shelly received the devastating news that her husband Andy was killed, along with 2 others, in the U-28 crash near Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico. We were beyond shocked and heartbroken to hear of this tragedy.

After speaking with Shelly to make sure this was okay, I created a widow relief fund for her to make sure she has access to funds right away as she deals with many unexpected expenses. Even though I created the account, Shelly is the only person with access to funds so be assured the money is going directly to her. If you feel led to help, please do so. https://www.gofundme.com/shellybecker

Thank you for your support


andy shelly

Morning Kick Start

Every morning this lovely team sets my day off with a bang! 

That little mule shot glass has Ningxia Red in it, which is a super powerful supplement packed with antioxidants and superfoods. Ningxia also has lemon, orange and tangerine essential oils for added health benefits and a great flavor. 

I usually add a drop each of some additional oils like the three in the picture or another favorite combo is orange and cinnamon bark. Yum! It feels good to start my day off in a healthy way. 

Spring Arrival

Welcome Spring, it’s good to see you! Spring has definitely arrived here at Chick’s Brindle Acres. We had such a bizarre, mild winter so I’m not surprised to see all the early blooms. Looking forward to seeing our yard in full color!

Creative and Sticky

For the past week or so I’ve been caught up in working a lot at 3 Dogs, taking care of our foster dog Annie (more on that later!) and doing just day to day stuff that has to get done but isn’t particularly fun or exciting. This morning I took off from all my other duties to be creative!

I finished up a custom order for my friend Sheila (this stuff is going to look amazing in her oily cabinet at home!) and worked on a few Etsy orders that came in this week. There’s something really enjoyable about packing up orders with care, writing a note to include in their package and finishing off the box with my newly arrived stickers and business cards. It helps feed my creative soul!


I also had some time today to make these fun rollers to put up in the Etsy shop. I love the idea of making these magical essential oil blends that just make you feel special like a unicorn! They would be such fun gifts for someone, whether they are brand new to oils or a seasoned oil user.


I spent a good portion of my morning “weeding” a bunch of labels I had made last week but hadn’t taken the time to finish. For those who have never heard of the term, weeding is where you remove the excess vinyl from the words or image you’ve cut. When you’re in a time crunch, it can be frustrating and seems like it takes FOREVER. But when you’re taking your time, it really can be therapeutic and gives me the opportunity to zone out a little while still working. Now, everything around me gets super sticky and I keep finding tiny pieces of vinyl everywhere but I guess that comes with the territory 😉