Barbed Wire & Pit Bull Smiles

The other day we took our foster dog Annie (available to adopt through The Southern Dog, shameless plug) for a nice walk in our pasture. We bought this property almost two years ago with the idea that we’d get horses again and so far we’re not ready to take that leap – okay, I’m not ready to take that leap, but the dogs just love to romp in the field. It’s fully fenced, has lots of yummy things to smell and has plenty of room to get a really good run in. Annie in particular loves to go out there – she walks along the west fencing, sniffing the neighbor horses through the field fencing, she prances ahead of us as we shuffle slowly behind her and she rolls in the occasional wild animal poop she finds (thanks girlfriend). She LOVES her time out there. Can’t you just see it on her face? I mean, my goodness – that’s pure joy right there!


Not only do the dogs love to get out some energy and explore the field but Dave and I use our pasture walking time to catch up on our day at work or chat plans for the day ahead or just catch up on life in general. Inevitably our conversation always ends up about the pasture being the perfect place to build a tiny house or a massive fire pit with cabins around it or even a space where we can have a rescue barn to house all the unwanted animals who come across our path. We are dreamers, that’s for sure.


There’s some work we need to do in the pasture, no matter what we end up doing to it in the future – there’s still some remaining barbed wire from the previous property owner, as well as some downed fences from a recent storm. We also need to figure out a way to manage the weeds out there, organically if we can. But for now, it’s the perfect place for walking and talking, unwinding and stretching our legs. Even when they’re adorned with totally inappropriate walking “shoes”.